Pearson Connected English Learning Program

Connected teaching materials, assessments and certifications for more effective learning.

Pearson English

Pearson’s ELL programs are designed to help empower our teachers and learners. We
support institutions in helping build their learners’ confidence and be themselves in English.

How do we empower you to achieve this?

Our learning science experts have designed a connected English language learning program that is proven to fast track progress.

Our Pearson Connected English Learning Program is the result of 25 years of research and experience by our learning experts. It includes a connected suite of courseware, assessments and certification, and has been expertly designed to build your English learners’ confidence and fast track their progress.

Pearson Connected English Language Program

Global Scale of English (GSE)

Understanding the learner's level of understanding?


Engagement and relevance


Building a growth mindset


Demonstrate your skills

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